Advisory Board Institute

The Advisory Board Institute exists to add business experts with ‘been there done that’ real world experience with the issues your business faces. We’ll work with you to guide your decision making, drive growth and help solve your business issues.

Our Services

Our tailored teams of experts provide practical guidance and real world experience in business issues including, but not limited to:

What resources do I need?

How do I structure a practical marketing plan? Which markets and customers should we focus on?

What are realistic targets?

What’s the fastest cheapest way to grow? What will make growth sustainable?

Can I grow profit without volume? How will competitors respond?

What will I need to invest?

What is most likely to work?

Should we consider new products?

Are there better ways of doing what we do?

How can I make my people more effective?

How can our reporting structures deliver more?

What would happen if we trimmed costs?

Is there a smarter way to hold inventory?

How much should I do in‐house versus out?

What are the likely savings?

What risks are there, and how do we mitigate them?

How will customers react?

Will valued staff worry unduly?

What must we do to be considered?

Should we try to influence legislation?

Should we team with others?

Who should we influence?

What role do the Minister, the Department and the Opposition play?

Is research or evidence vital?

What, exactly, do we want them to do?

Can technology make us more efficient?

Can technology improve our turnaround & cash flow?

Should we install or upgrade a CRM program?

Is there a better way of doing this?

Must we custom build, or can we tweak an existing package?

How can our website work harder?

Is my intellectual property safe?

Are my budgets robust?

How do I solve my cash flow crisis?

I need to renegotiate funding – what’s best?

Are my structures optimised for a future sale?

Can I reduce operational costs?

What if we lose our biggest customer?

I want to plan a sale – what’s my best option?

What’s the best way to sell?

How can I maximise price?

Must my payments be tied to future performance?

What should be fixed before the sale?

How can I keep the sale quiet with customers?

Trade sale, listing, backdoor, merger?

How do I approach potential buyers?

Is this the optimum time to sell?

Who are the buyers, and how do we fit them?

Should we alert potential buyers?

Find Out How We Can Help

Your business is unique as are the combination of the challenges you face.
That’s why we need to tailor teams specifically for you. The starting point is a confidential discussion to assess what you need. Contact us for an initial chat.

The Benefits


To have an initial chat, contact us on 02 9238 2259 or email anytime for ‘been there done that’ Advisory Board expertise for your business.

We work with businesses in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

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